A Hotel with Heart and Soul.

Guests of Hotel Villa Desiree keep coming back not only because of the the beautiful panorama view at the Carinthian mountain range and Lake Faake See. Villa Desiree has become a popular destination for wellness enthusiasts and a second home for many couples, no matter whether newly in love, on their honeymoon or in their second spring. When our guests leave for home they always feel a bit melancholy in their heartstake but take beautiful holiday memories with them that they will treasure forever.
They will remember the breathtaking view from our sun terrace, the candlelight dinners at our indoor pool and romantic moments at our fire lounge.
Villa Desiree is truely a lovely furnished Hotel and a charming place to spend romantic moments together.

A time to make Friends

The welfare of our guests, a cosy atmosphere and personal service are very important for us.
We hope that you enjoy your stay and that your memories of Hotel Villa Desiree will always have a special place in your hearts.

Hollywood flair at Egg close to Lake Faaker See

All rooms at Hotel Villa Desiree are named after great Hollywood Legends and bring back memories of classic movies of film history. Stay overnight in our stylishly furnished hotel rooms that are decorated with portrait photos of actresses of the Classic Hollywood like Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn und Elisabeth Taylor.